wknd in indi | 2022

don’t talk about what you’re gonna do, don’t just dream about what you’re gonna do. don’t criticize somebody else for what they’re not doing. you. be it. be about it. be about that action. and go do it.

I decided to take Aurora to Indianapolis for a little weekend trip last month for her birthday. I always envisioned myself being this whimsical and spontanous travel mum and I can give myself all the excuses in the world but ultimately… I wasn’t. I kept thinking of allllll the reasons why I shouldn’t or couldn’t go anywhere solo with Aurora. a little transparency, as a newly single/divorced mum i think some of your firsts are the hardest & the most scary/sad because it can be daunting to have all the responsibility constantly fall on you & only you, there a moments you mourn experiences you envisioned being a “family” experience. sometimes it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone and dream of better things than taking the initial first steps out of your comfort done and turning your dreams into reality. woaaa, that got a little deep huh?

Moooooving right along, while I was contemplating on taking Aurora to Indi for the weekend I came across this quote from Beyoncé & decided that I needed to stop dreaming & be about that action. So I booked an AirBNB last minute and drove my little & I two hours away to Indianapolis for a lil girls weekend!

first stop!the childrens museum of indianapolis

dinin @ baby’s • brunchin’ @ gallery pastry • shopped lux&ivy 

went to gogh explore newfields

A quick rundown of the weekend,
friday • kids museum (five floors of fun!!!) and then checkin into our airbnb & dinner at baby’s.
saturday • brunch at gallery pastry with my pal Jillian & walking around south broad ripple and shopping at lux&ivy. then the late afternoon/evening was spent at newfields walking around their gardens and the van gogh exhibit & driving back.

I highly recommend taking your little on mini dates & weekend trips if you are a solomum. I think you’ll be pleasently surprised at how good & curious you both are and will do in new enviornments together. I will say having a friend in the general area we were staying calmed my nerves & getting to see Jillian (who you’ve seen on the blog before in this post! •beauty work•) was such a treat! I think I conquered a lot of internal walls I had unknowingly put up that weekend & if I’m honest and if you follow me on Instagram you can see- I caught the travel bug  ☺

Should I be thanking Queen B for the encouraging words? Sure! Maybe.

I also wanna thank God because I really do feel like taking that trip to most people would be something really minor, I pushed through a lot of “issues” I had to control & anxiety that have held me back for a long time.  I have been booking more last minute trips & doing a lot less ‘talkin about what I wanna do • now just doing it. I prayed to work through those things during this trip & I’ve found myself and so much joy back since that trip at the beginning of March.

I am really excited start the tradition with Aurora to take her on little weekend trips & especially for her birthday as the years continue! I think it’ll build our bond & show her that women can not-just travel solo but are able to be independant if she wants to me.

Some helpful tips for single mums traveling or just solo-mum/parent travel.

  1. pack light but allot space for chaos.
    I wasn’t planning on bringing more than a duffel bag for our “stuff” and I knew her toddler essentials ie. diapers wipes. take the most room, so I packed like 1.5 outfits + extras incase of spills, leaks or ya know: kids r gross. I pre-picked my outfits and basically drove in my pj’s so I didn’t have to waste space packing that & had more room for snacks.
  2. pack snacks & whatever you/the little likes and can eat on the go.
    enter the world of snacks – ideally you both like the same snacks, but if you don’t… i would just pack what works best for you 2. luckily we both like granola/ breakfast bars. applesauce and a kids pouch is never a fail for my little & pretzels n hummus are a hit.
  3. know your hotel/airbnb situation.
    does it have a fridge / kitchen? are they child friendly? is it safe?!?!
    main q’s that can either be your priority- or easily forgotten depending how busy you are. I made sure to cross check the place i booked for safety & read -allll- the reviews, and then when booking made sure to explain i would have my little with me, so they knew ahead of time i had a little noise maker in the room with me. in addition, i asked about a fridge, for milk and snacks. those were my booking priorities to make our stay as easy as possible for both myself and the hosts. luckily where we stayed was super quiet and private and women owned – i felt very comfortable and would 10/10 recommend staying at the VIP Center for Business Women if you are planning to visit Indi!* it’s only 5mins away from the Childrens Museum!
  4. share your location with trusted friends/family before you go!
    I pretty much have my location shared with a solid 5 people who I know would be there for me if I needed them in a moments notice, so i just told them ahead of time where i was going. it helps give me peace of mind & it’s safer for them to know just in case. hopefully nobody ever needs your location for a safety issue; but we don’t take risks.
  5. protect yaself – be smart.
    ummmm, i am not going to launch into a massive chat about rights. i bought mace right before I left and kept it on me, mostly- again for my peace of mind but – i’m a small woman with a toddler. look up your city/country/state rules if you are going to carry something to protect yourself&& i’d say be smart while you travel and stay alert. hopefully you never have to use it or be in a situation where you are compromised & always be aware of your surroundings.
  6. have fun!
    enough of the -did i pack this? -do i need that? and just go out and enjoy your time. if you don’t have it, there is a walgreens or convenient store close by. your kiddo is only little for a short amount of time and you deserve to soak up as much of that time with them while enjoying your life. go have fun, take the trip, book the room, get the tickets to that show/museum/event whatever. leave your work at home and i promise it’ll be there waiting for you when you get home.
  7. take the pictures!
    i grabbed a lil kodak camera on my way and snapped a bunch of shots while explorin. now I have photos from our first little road trip & was able to mail my friend some pics of her and aurora which is just ahhhdorrable  • i was able to get a few snaps of both aurora and i on my phone & asked a mum i bumped into at the childrens museum <scroll up to see one> but i completely forgot / didn’t take the oppourtunity to get some film shots of us together, so next time that’s my goal.

Woaaa- okay. I am pretty much a single mum travel guide now, right?!!?

Seriously, I am writing this post 1) to hopefully help another single mumma out there if she’s wondering if she can take her kid(S) on a trip: YOUCAN! 2) for myself. I am so proud of me for doing something I can honestly say I was convinced I couldn’t do… because now I’m dreaming up… well you know, I can’t tell ya yet  let’s just say i have dreams of trips that are a bit more than 2hrs drive away. oh and 3) because heck ya, i wanna dip my toe in the mum travel guide side of blogging. why the heck now, we ain’t nichin down- i’m messypot what do you expect.


so, are you planning on any lil trips w your kiddo or are you just gonna sit there and dream about it?




ps *VIP Center for Women in Business only takes bookings from female travellers, I would call to confirm but I’m almost certain! Just a heads up!

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