what’s in my travel makeup bag | 2022

I know what you’re thinking..

Your thoughts: this really all she carry’s on as travel makeup?                    well the simple answer is yes/no.

I like to switch out my earrings and glasses based on my fit/mood, and I will generally pack a bigger makeup bag with face/base essentials Ie: mascara, lippy and foundation/cc cream. But once I’m on vacay and on the go-go this is what I’ve got in my little pouch with me 99% of the time because I don’t often carry much else if I’m keeping it light. 

Not pictured is a general lip balm / chapstick or lippy because I totally dropped the ball and left it at home this trip – rookie mistake. I know, don’t look at my chippychapped lips I spent the day at the beach and didn’t realize I signed up for the windy day sand exfoliation while I was there… but my lips are paying the consequences.

so the real answer…

what’s in my -travel- make-up bag ?

This is pretty much what I (try) to travel with – obvi minus the vaseline last week in Florida. I ended up grabbing the WetNWild concealer and highlight last minute since I had just ran out and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much I like it!

Anyway- I could go on and on because I haven’t made a bloggy blog post in a while and I suffer from…word vom.

I dropped a shoppable widget down below if you’d like to check out some of the products I’ve been carrying around with me in my makeup bag!

Final thoughts & things I truly love, no affiliate just gushin N girl crushin

  • I used a Stasher bag for my main makeup carry on. I used their regular sized sandwich bag because I like not wasting plastic baggies & this is durable and fit’s more than you’d expect. It’s easy to wipe clean (dishwasher safe!) and TSA approved!
  • I really love & am OBSESSED with Mixed masks. I generally live/work/travel with a disposable, but these cutie masks by Nasrin are adorable, adjustable, come in tons of prints and you are supporting a small biz that’s focusing on being sustainable and ethically made. You’ll spot me in these anywhere cute & Aurora has a few so now we can match! My fav is the little fruit print ones & the big floral print.
  • Eye Calm – I turned 27 and felt this internal clock start ticking down… for me to run and buy eye cream. So I went to my esthetician Lucid Skincare and this is the eye cream she recommended. My under eyes have a tendency to get milia with certain eye creams, not my fav fact about myself.. this one hasn’t done that and a little goes a looooonnnnggg way.
  • Body Lotion- i’m currently using the EVO Self Indulgence cream since it is tiny tiny and TSA approved and I like it- no issues. I am a hairstylist who uses EVO products, any salon that sells EVO can get you some. It doesn’t leave me feeling too slippery or greasy or whatever that weird lotion residue thing is.
  • All my jewelry is just from random shops: thriftshops & asos/shein. Unless it’s designer I’m not paying $$$ for accessories, aka it’s all less than $10 most of the time et I don’t own any designer things anyway- I am a messy hairstylist & toddler mum. one day tho, I’ll own a pair of gucci & miu miu sunnies 😀


Enough chatter. What makeup you carrying around? lmk. ttyl

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