what to do to with your hair during a global pandemic.

Put the scissors down and back away from the box dye

If you are like me you have probably already looked at every square inch of your home and decided – you don’t want to clean it – BUT you still want to do something different + you’re seriously tired of wearing a messy bun for the 13th day in a row.

You’re either going stir-crazy or you are thriving in this time of self-isolating + social-distancing…

But if you are someone who is about your looks and especially your hair I don’t blame you for wanting to live out your dreams of being an at-home hair colourist + master haircutter (as a professional hairstylist I beg of you don’t), when you start seeing your natural hair colour and texture start to creep up on you. Instead, try some hairstyles and trends that are non-commital and won’t break the bank when you’re back in your stylist’s seat.

Covering Grey’s

I totally understand if you are a loyal 4-6 week colour re-touch client, and you simply can’t start to see your silver hairs start peeking through! Don’t feel ashamed!! There are plenty of ways to disguise the grey; things as simple as wearing a headband – to applying a product that helps diffuse the stark contrast from those pesky greys and your ‘natural’ hair colour. Avoid using any at-home colouring kits that aren’t professional colour as many of these box dyes can have high amounts of ammonia +/or harmful chemicals that can damage your hair. In addition, a bad box colour job at home may only cost you a few dollars to create but can result in you spending hundreds of dollars to get fixed.

Many of these products that offer temporary grey coverage can be used over the course of months, and still be used once we are all no longer self-isolating and salons’ are open again. You will also be saving yourself some stress if you purchase the wrong box-dye that doesn’t match your colour, and your hairstylist the hassle of having to colour-match or try to fix a bad colour-job!

Colouring Your Hair

Maybe you don’t neeeeed to colour your hair – but you want to! Once again I repeat, back away from the box dye. If you are someone in need of a change please first consult with your regular stylist. I don’t know you, I don’t know your hair history. I don’t know if you are one chemical process away from being bald –or – if your hair is so blonde that any high-fashion colour would stain months of hard work by your colourist. Nooooow that I’ve saved myself from being scolded by your stylist… If you are looking for a temporary change while you’re holed up at home check out a few temporary colour products to spice up your Netflix and nobody to chill with.

I would recommend sticking to temporary wash-in wash-out colour systems so you aren’t committing to a crazy colour during these uncertain times. What’s great about these are the options that are now available: pink, blue, purple, green, orange.. the list continues. Overtone is another great brand that creates colour-depositing systems that can be shampooed in. They also have a system created for brunettes, so it’s not just blonde’s who’ll be having all the fun this quarantine szn.

Cutting your hair / Don’t,

Listen, we’ve all trimmed on our own bangs in a time of crisis. It happens, I’ve done it, you’ve done it. We have all collectively cut our own bangs, let’s own it. I don’t think you should try and attempt a Sassoon Haircut at home, and I really don’t think you’re gonna want to return to your stylist with a Joe Exotic when she last saw you with Blake Lively locks. I recommend speaking to your stylist if you have any hair q’s to see if they can give you any tips or tricks on how to prolong your style these following weeks.

If you’re still thinking about cutting your own hair…..

Time To Repair Your Hair

Now is the most perfect time than ever to be taking care of those locks. Honey you don’t have anywhere to go, put down that flat iron and pick up the deep conditioning treatment. We put so much stress on our hair in regular day-to-day life: using hot tools, loading our hair with tons of product + styling it for multiple activities daily. Give your hair the break it deserves. You don’t have to break the bank for a good hair day, some of my favourite deep conditioning treatments only cost $10. There is always the option to also get creative in the kitchen and DIY a deep conditioning treatment or a nice scalp scrub.

Play With It

You know that style you’ve always wanted to wear but never had the confidence to leave the house in? Now is the time to try with those styles you saw on your bff and felt hair envy. Practice those braids, buns and blowouts in the safety of your home so you can wear your new looks with confidence when we are all released from social lockdown. Plus if you end up hating a style you’ve tried, nobody has to know!!!


You can do so many things with your hair that doesn’t create permanent damage – or will make a big dent in your beauty budget at your next salon visit.

As always, I say refer to your regular hairstylist before making any big hair decisions + make sure you aren’t making any decisions that could set your hair back from your ultimate #hairgoals. Thinking about making a couple of video hair tutorials on Instagram, maybe a step-by-step hairstyle tutorial if I can figure out how to set up a camera. Hopefully, you’ve thrown that box dye in the trash + feel a little hopeful about your hair options for the next few weeks!!!

In case of emergency, I recommend a deep-conditioning treatment.
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