Thoughts the night before my first flight with a toddler.

Did I pack enough, did I pack toooooooooo much? Do I pack crayons? What does everyone else bring?!


Sure enough when you ask other mums you’ve heard: doesn’t matter they’ll be wild anyway or my toddler was a little angel and slept the entire time (I simultaneously hate those people, yet am typing this as my toddler is somehow sleeping next to me on this 3hr flight after being fed at least two lbs worth of pretzels- we did, however, sit for an hour delayed due to weather, that was interesting).

I want a full detailed list!!! with photos!! links!! and tips so I can feel fully prepared and hopefully keep my little entertained. So anyway; here’s my list.

Let me start with: we are on a budget girlfriend, so I started off by going to the dollar store & grabbed the things listed below.

  • Holographic Notebook!
  • Yard Sale Stickers
  • Minnie Mouse book
  • First Words Flash Cards
  • Nail Stickers
  • Fun On the Go activity pack
  • tiny Minnie

I spent less than $10 at the dollar store for these little things, listen if I am gonna pay for this kid to have her own flight we are not spending $$$$$$. The backpack is just an old mini-Target backpack I had laying around.

I was originally determined to not have an “iPad kid” but realized that these stickers + crayons/ activities would either last hours… or 25 seconds. I decided to cave & buy a kids tablet when it was 50% off, no shame. I downloaded just a few episodes from a couple of shows- you guys they won’t know they are watching the same 4 episodes. Then grabbed some adorable cozyphone over-ear headphones, I like them because I can easily pop them over her head and tuck away the wires when not in use.

I figured out the best way to keep her happy was rotating between stickers, book and little toys using the tvshows as a last resort or a -treat-. I also packed a separate lunch box full of snacks; I brought hummus on a plane guys. Snackin also kept her pretty occupied.

pro tip: bring candy/snacks. I brought on two packs of Mamba candy for our flights. I basically would feed her a lil Mamba sweet whenever I could feel my ears popping, so we had no tears or ear pain!

I can confidently say I’m not scared to fly with a toddler after doing 4 flights by myself. I think the secret is to figure out what grabs their attention the most at that time (take note of our Mickey Mouse theme) + make sure your kiddo has plenty to rotate between, activity-wise if they are super curious. aaaaaaaaaaand snacks, not just for them, you’ll need some too flying with a toddler is a workout people.


What do you pack on your toddler’s carry on? lmk!

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