A few weeks ago a rep from Unite Hair came in and dropped off some goodies for me to play with! Included was a mix of styling products for everyday use that I was excited to try. But I wanted to find the opportunity to really let the products shine. I don’t work in a salon which retails or uses Unite, so I didn’t really feel comfortable testing out an entire styling line during my work week. However, I do work with a modeling agency once a month and felt that was the perfect opportunity to test out the line.

A little background info on the job, I usually style hair for new models to help build their portfolios. I never know who the models are or what to expect, so in addition to my Unite products, I had my regular kit of hair tools and products just to be safe. Of the five products I was testing out that day, I found myself gravitating towards the same three. Many of the styles I create during an agency day have to be re-workable because I am usually restyling the model’s hair 2-3 times for different looks. I also like to slowly build in product rather than over-load the hair with too much product either, to ease the process of changing hairstyles between looks and avoiding product build up. Combining the three products that I just couldn’t keep my hands off of gave me some of my favourite looks. Specifically, the BoostaSpray, TexturizaSpray and 75 Seconds.


I did play with the remaining two products, but I felt like they didn’t give me the same flexibility as the other three. I also don’t have tons of time on an agency day to get super experimental with the products. I like  feel the consistency of the product and try it out in my hair (because like apparently I don’t care about my own hair, just everyone else’s!) and if I feel like it’s a bit too heavy to be a flexible product I’ll keep them in my back pocket for third and final looks where the model can get away with a stiffer hairstyle.

So, let’s talk products. My most favourite product from Unite is their Texturiza Spray. It is hands down their best product. I used it on almost everyone, it wasn’t a heavy texturizer where I feel like a second too long on a section and you’re gonna be battling a product mountain on the side of someone’s head. I reached for it over and over again, just to refresh a few curls, or add in a bit of texture to a more relaxed style. My second go to was their Boosta Spray, it was an easy volumizing spritz which again I didn’t feel registered as too heavy or intense. It did great on dry hair, which was a major fear that I had while using it that it would read too wet. I felt comfortable and confident using this on my curly girls, and my ladies with straighter locks. It gave that extra volume I think everyone needs to take their hair from “every day” to “hey I’m getting my photo taken”. The last product I really want to highlight is called 75 Seconds. Why is it called 75 Seconds? I can’t tell ya, for someone who writes a blog, does hair, and blogs about hair. You’d think I read up about this, or you know, maybe read product directions. Nope. Agency days are busy days, and personally, one of my favourite things to do is to learn as I go. Especially with products, because there are so many ways to concoct products or manipulate the product to your advantage in application, I don’t always want to read what I’m “supposed to do”. Although I do stand by my statement, I didn’t really read all the education I was given about the line. Like, I’m not getting paid here to write, I just wanted to share this with you guys.


So, what about the other products Lisa? I didn’t hate the other products by any means, I really loved their volumizing powder: Expanda Dust. The packaging was a bit frustrating, because there was a moment where the unnecessary screw-top and the lid were not on the product, and when the product tipped over a significant amount of it shot through the overly-large holes. I also felt like it did not do a volumizing powder justice, especially coming from someone who is used to Davines “This is a Texturizing Dust”. I just felt like the application bottle was ill made. When you consider the amount of effort they put into the product lid (it has two), it’s hard not to feel like they should have just focused on making the actual product less reliant on it’s two lids by shrinking the applicator holes and putting on a pop top. Just so clumsy and under-caffeinated hairstylists like myself can avoid spilling product all over the ground or someone’s scalp. My bad Unite. The fifth product I tested out at the agency is called Lazer Straight. I honestly think I didn’t have a good chance chance to really test out and form an opinion on it. Unfortunately there just wasn’t a need for the product that day. It had the most liquidy consistency and I think I’d choose that product for slick, or wet looks. I found that I only used the product once, in the second picture I’ve attached where the model needed a bit of slip to keep her sides slicked back. I mixed that with 75 Seconds layering Lazer Straight on top, so the model’s hair had a conditioning barrier between her hair and the product (Lazer). I wish I could have gotten a better chance to use the product on the day.

Overall I was pleased to get the chance to play with some Unite products! I was also sent some of their curl line, which I plan to feature in another post to come. I hope you enjoyed the read, and potentially found this helpful if you are in need of some new products, or are curious about Unite hair products.

Have a great one



  1. February 23, 2018 / 4:14 am

    Girl, you are killing the blog game this week!

    Loved reading your review! xo

    • February 23, 2018 / 5:13 am

      Thankyou! YOU have inspired me to post more!!!
      Thankya thankya for the read!!

  2. March 5, 2018 / 1:06 pm

    Thanksso much for the post.Much thanks again. Really Cool.

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