twenty six!

twenty six!

Today is my 26th birthday, yay!!

I wanted to check in with myself (and you) and share some goals I have for this year.

26 goals for year 26!

  1.  Start working out again (barre + yoga) add more movement into my daily routine.
  2. Continue to eat healthier and make better more conscious choices of what I eat
  3. Learn how to make a good smoothie.
  4. Read more books (or maybe finish the 6 that I started and abandoned)
  5. Create more art (embroideries and stickers)
  6. Finally finish decorating the basement?! –I want to make the basement a family space / creative space
  7. Maybe go on a trip with a friend. (Puerto Rico with Kelli!!!)
  8. Go camping with hubby!!!!!!
  9. Also, maybe go to that one yurt treehouse at the gorge?
  10. Create a small studio space to work in for content creating in the house.
  11. Work with Yaz on more projects @yazmtorresphoto
  12. Host a beautiful little party for Aurora’s first birthday.
  13. Re-read crazy rich asians because its soooo goooooood!!!!
  14. Get more comfortable in front of the camera!
  15. Work towards making content more editorial-esque!
  16. Hopefully get one brand deal? With blogging!
  17. Do more with messypot + blogging/IG business.
  18. Plan a family trip with hubby + baby! Maybe for 2022??
  19. Drink more water! Stay hydrated!!!!
  20. Learn how to make a latte @ home.
  21. Do something out of my comfort zone (maybe go to a cycling class?! ha)
  22. Prioritize my gal pals better. I read somewhere that a womens emotional happiness is more fulfilled based on her quality of female frienships and bonds rather than their romantic relationship with their partner… or something like that. Either way, I spend most of my 25th year at home with baby because of pandemic. Hopefully I have more opportunities to see my friends in my 26th year.
  23. Allow myself to rest when tired, rather than worrying about what I should be doing with that time.
  24. Work on my relationship w Jesus!
  25. Learn how to communicate better with hubby in order to fully be a better wife + partner to him and for him to be the best possible husband + partner to me.
  26. Remember to be kind to myself. be kinder to myself,


Bonus goal. Enjoy more strawberry ice cream. I forgot how much I loved it until recently.

Sometimes I feel silly writing down my goals. I find wiring them down I can refer back, or reflect later on and check-in with myself to see what is working and what goals I need to pivot in order to cater them to my current needs. Do you make goals every year? I feel a bit more inspired to do them around my birthday if I’m feeling lazy the first two weeks of the year since my birthday is so close 🙂 Do you see any goals we may both have in common? Let me know!!


xx messypot


photos by Yaz M Torres photo

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