Sometimes ya gotta get creative

I mentioned previously in “It’s A Wrap” that I’m no longer wearing the same size I was pre-baby.

So in an effort to stay ‘on trend’ and keep up with the content creating, I started to look outside of my regular shirt/top section in my closet for something that fits. Que The Scarf. I don’t have a clue where I got this scarf, how I got this scarf, when etc. Usually, I have an amazing memory of exactly when and where I got my clothes in an effort to being conscious about my clothing purchases while creating a capsule closet…well kinda, I’m a maximalist so there’s no minimalism with me 🙃 ..back to the scarf, it’s one of my favourite things because it’s bright, pretty and oversized. I usually wear it as a hair scarf or clip it on a purse of mine when I want to add some colour to an outfit. This time I just twisted two corners of my scarf and coiled them around my not-so-pretty nursing bra. Good enough for a selfie, though I haven’t had the opportunity to wear this look out ‘n about. Hoping 2020 isn’t totally cancelled à la covid19, but if so summer 2021 better watch out because I’ll have more scarves N more cool pants to pair them with!!!


ps. pants are from Kroger, my mum grabbed these for me a few months ago – so I’m not sure if they’ll still be at your local shop but if so, be sure to grab a pair!



Scarves I would like to purchase next, also an *affiliate link!

** the links above are affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you – I may receive a small commission if you purchase via this link.


what cha think of my scarf/top ?

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