If you know me you know that I looooove bold prints and statement pieces.

I hardly bought anything at all for her while I was pregnant. I waited to find out the gender, and I didn’t want all of the clothes I owned to be super pink or blue etc. So going to shop for Aurora was super exciting since I’ve had the chance to kind of think about how I want to dress her + what works best for our lifestyle.

I decided that I had to grab some fun pieces while on my first ever shopping trip for Aurora. I knew I didn’t want to drop tooOOoooOOOoo much money because she is going to grow out of everything quickly. I thought I’d check out my local Once Upon A Child and find some pre-loved clothes for a fraction of it’s retail price!

 I knew I wanted lots of prints: spots, stripes – anything interesting + red!


I managed to get a TON of stuff for $50. I didn’t realize that they did a 10 for $10 on onesies, which you don’t realize how important a surplus of onesies are until your baby is in that droooooling stage. I also scored: two adorable bathing suits, a couple of one-piece outfits, three pairs of shorts and a headband.

Shopping at Once Upon a Child was super easy since they have all of their clothes labelled by age plus! they organize items by size + colour which made it even easier for me to sort through the clothes to find things that worked for the little style I was going for.

I have been obsessed with fruits and spots so I made sure to snag some items that matched the ~vibe~ I was going for. I think babies look cutest when they look like little blobs. So sticking to a print, red / fruit theme will be fun for her first summer. Think fashionable blob, rather than frilly blob that smells. Occasionally a strawberry that drools, always a cutie who makes noise and looks adorable while doing it.

I also snagged a few items for some upcoming photos of Aurora and I that I cannot wait to share with you!

I was honestly really impressed with Once Upon A Child, I think prior to being pregnant I imagined it was a very sticky child’s goodwill. Which is absolutely not the case. It’s safe to say that this is probably going to be the main place I purchase her clothes! I even snagged a couple of new items while I was there.

If you are wanting to keep up with Aurora, I post photo’s of her every Sunday on Instagram always looking adorable. I’m sure this isn’t the only #OUACHAUL you’ll see from me!




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