I never really liked staying at home until I had Aurora. Even on the days that I get frustrated because I get absolutely nothing done around the house (don’t judge me…you lounge about too, sans baby!) I appreciate all the tiny moments I get to spend with her.

One of my favourite things we do is have picnics in our garden. I love to invite people to stop and say hello, visit + meet Aurora. It’s a great excuse to bring out my new-to-me/old-to-my-mum (thanks mum!) picnic blanket + dress up a little.

I catch myself looking at her trying to memorize all of her features exactly the way they are in that exact moment so I can lock it in my memory forever.

but for the most part, I’m trying to keep her away from the strawberries.


Only 11 weeks old in this photo ♡

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Photos were taken by Destiny Robb who you can find here. ♡

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