I have been a hairstylist for two years now, and one of the biggest things I struggle with is staying motivated. Sometimes I wonder: is it just me who struggles with this? Am I the only one who loses motivation? Or, am I one of the only people to verbalize it? I wanted to share this post on how I continue to stay motivated in my craft and continue to enjoy going to work even when I’m running on no sleep and a small coffee.

Becoming a hairstylist was one of the riskiest choices I’ve ever made. I knew if I chose to become a hairstylist that I would want to throw myself 100% into it, but when you immerse yourself into a creative career like this, it’s easy to burn out, fast. I was introduced to the world of hair and beauty by my Uncle Cyril who owns a salon in England. Growing up, I watched him do my mums highlights at home.

I would see my uncle mix things up, and place that in foils in my mums hair. They would be chatting and laughing and I would hear jokingly drop a phrase that has always stuck in my mind “and if you don’t like it, you can put a hat on!”. When she was done and the foils were out she would be happy, and  I didn’t realize how magical it was to have the chance to watch someone do what they love (hair) and see the instant gratification both he and my mum got from a highlight service. 

The second person to introduce me to the hair world was a friend of my mum’s. She is the poshest Jamaican lady in all of England, and she opened the door to one of my favourite things, braids. So, growing up I was surrounded by inspiration before I even realized what it was to me.

Even now, I am still constantly surrounded by inspiration, but I still struggle with motivation. So, in 2017 when I moved to my current salon I decided I had to learn how to self-motivate rather than leaning on others to encourage my progress. I can confidently say that the mental shift alone has taken me to places I couldn’t imagine being as such a new stylist. It has opened doors and created opportunities I have been dreaming of since I started entertaining the idea of working in the beauty and creative community. One of my biggest goals for this blog is to share my experiences and knowledge as a hairstylist for other stylists out there who are in need of inspiration, or motivation, or just another opinion.

So, things I do to stay M O T I V A T E D

  • Stay Educated!
    When I find myself starting to get bored or uninspired, I usually find myself repeating the same looks over and over again. I have started to realize whenever I feel that way, my skill set feels capped and I get bored because I’m just repeating the same styles because that’s all I know! I try to attend  as many classes as possible. I joined facebook groups dedicated to hairstylists, and I ask reps of hair/product companies my salon is partnered with about new classes (a lot).
  • Try new things!!!
    Every now and then I get an itch to try something new, and I don’t feel confident enough to just do it on the next client I have that day! What do I do??? I practice whatever the colour technique, style or cut is on a mannequin. Then I send out messages to clients, friends, brave humans asking if they will be willing to be a hair model for free to let me play with their hair!!!
    Hello!!!! Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, any/all social networks! Inspiration is all over the internet. When I’m feeling unmotivated, I usually stalk the pages of my favourite hairstylists to see what they’ve been doing and find some inspo from them. Currently my favourite hair instagrams are: @philipwolffhair @irapopesage @modernsalon (always) AND @mischag
  • Take a break…
    Sometimes you have to let yourself take a break. I mean, maybe I took four breaks while writing this post. Maybe I’ve watched three Buzzfeed videos before I actually sat back down to write this sentence. It’s important to give yourself a break from the pressure of work or projects. I am still working on maintaining a better work/life balance. I find myself much happier when I can remove myself from a stressful activity, even if it’s a short amount of time. Most recently I have been turning my phone off more, or letting it die and calling the people who would need me in an emergency and just letting them know “Hey, my phone is dead, I’m here blah blah blah, if you need me, call Harrison (bf).” Coming back to a project after letting yourself have that break can be very refreshing, I always feel more motivated to get back into work, and sometimes I’ll have a new perspective on the present situation because I got the chance to remove myself from it for a bit!!!

Alrighty!! I feel like this could be an entire category on the blog, and I could break down tons of situations behind the chair from a young stylist’s perspective. Feel free to drop a comment down below if there is anything hair-related or behind-the-chair-related you would like me to answer. Or, if you want to know my personal journey as a hairstylist, and what my current goals and career choices I have made are, let me know. I would also like to recommend checking out BTC, it’s a great site for hairstylists, has amazing education and content including formulas, how-to’s, and articles!

I remember scouring the internet for information about becoming a hairstylist, right before I started hair school. I felt like there wasn’t any information at the time that wasn’t from someone who had years and years of experience, or famous, or doing celebrity hair. I want this blog to be a space where young stylists, or people who are considering hairdressing as their career can find inspiration, motivation and information.  

Have a great one!




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