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Most of the time you will see me carrying a large tote of some sorts- jam packed full of junk + jewels. But on the rare occasion that I have managed to downsize to a tiny purse, the contents of my purse are always staples I cannot go without.

So what do I carry around you ask?

Lippys: I love MAC Whirl, it’s part of who I am at this point as I have been an avid fan of the shade for 5+ years. It’s that perfect brownish nude that doesn’t wash me out, or overpower my face and drown out the rest of the makeup. I always keep a chap stick/ lip balm situation on hand because nobody likes chapped lips- currently loving the Brambleberry Rose Salve from CO Bigelow. Lastly I always carry a pinkish lippy on me. Just because you never know what the evening look may require on the go + I also double my pinks/reds as a cheek stain (because I’m lazy/not wasting money or limited space on more products).

Accessories: I always keep a couple of clips in my purse, just in case I need to switch up my hair and I have a few pieces that are falling out. Not pictured I try to always keep a hair tie of some kind in my purse- ya never know when you gotta get serious and tie that hair back. And finally I always keep a pair of earrings in my purse because I feel NAKED without some sort of ear party going on. I have been super into fun statement earrings for fall in white/beige. Loving these sugarcox earrings from Target.

Books: I don’t know about you but I loooove to read. I need to find more time to read, and I need to get better and finishing my books before buying 2-3 more new ones. I almost always have my latest read in my purse so I can take any opportunity to read when possible. Also not pictured but always a staple is a planner. I love to write down pretty much everything / anything. I am one of those people who puts reminders in both her phone calendar and a paper planner. No major reason, but I can plan my life / my projects + my salon schedule on a paper planner than on a phone switching from multiple apps!

really not anything crazy interesting in my tiny purses, I think the giant junk totes have all the surprises, snacks and secrets.

Do we carry the same things around in our purse? Do you prefer a paper planner over a smart phone calendar? I‘m curious, let me know!




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