six months pregnant | 2019


pregnancy is this weird, beautiful thing like my belly is swelling and my favourite pants can’t fit but hey i just felt this weird thing i think is a kick inside my tummy and i just realized that i’m carrying the perfect little mixture of me and my favourite person in the universe. and no i don’t fully feel prepared to be incharge of keeping this tiny human alive while still striving for a healthy work / life / relationship / family / creative outlet / personal development / health+wellness balance. but that’s why i am so grateful for having such an amazing supportive community of humans around me. i was going to keep this short and sweet, but i also want to be able to look back at these photos and recapture these feelings because in six months from today i’ll probably have this tiny cute human and fresh puke on my top and it’s simultaneously terrifying and exciting. so my advice to you: expecting or not.. surround yourself with good people, people who love you and support you and want to embrace you and make you feel gorgeous and strong and embrace the inner queen they see in you even when you don’t see in within yourself. also- take the freaking photo’s that your creative pals wanna take of you. i left this photoshoot like the freaking fairy princess i’ve always wanted to be and i got to share this experience with who is the new love of my life and isn’t that a weird funny beautiful thing.


  1. Rosanna
    November 24, 2019 / 4:15 pm

    Loved reading this. Short and sweet just like you!! xx

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