I deserve nice things.

That doesn’t mean I always NEED to buy nice things, we are allowed to *want*… and the financially savvy woman inside  (very much buried under all the tabs open with multiple online shopping carts filled with nonsense) knows that want does not always = need. That being said, here are a few of my current beauty wants that I’ve compiled in a cute lil list + widget for you to shop if you dare.

  • a beauty blender $20 listen I understand God gifted us with 10 little beauty blenders, aka our fingers… but sometimes its that Che vuoi? that bleeennnnddd only a beauty blender or a pro makeup artist can give ya, and the pink sponge is cheaper than a personal mua.
  • charlotte tilbury hollywood flawless filter $44 it’s perfect for that summer underglow/glow. perfect for my “low makeup, still fabulous” makeup I want to go for all summer long that pairs well with my spf, cheek stain + let’s be honest, sweat. mmm, sexy. the pricepoint however is not super making me feel like this want is currently justified for a 1oz bottle, so I’m patiently waiting for medium to come back in stock in the travel size bc mama wanna be flawless on the go..
  • rosebud perfume salve $7 okay, okay, don’t come for me and my $7 lippy. I think I fell in love with this product in 2013?!? i love the rosebud products, and the flat tin’s were a fav til one hot summer the product melted and fused the tin closed til I was able to find the help of a much stronger human. the tubes are great, smell great and make me happy. def something I’ll end up purchasing later this summer.
  • benefit roller liner in brown $12-22 I got this in the travel size, because I wanted to try this brown colour as I dip my toe back into wearing eyeliner, black just feel a littttttle toooo formal and harsh for summer…. not really sure what I’m talking about, but I’ve heard good things & one of my fav bloggers/youtubers Samantha Maria mentioned this enough that I had to try it.
  • tower28 jelly lipgloss $15 ummmm, I like my lipglosssses. but this is maybe gonna be reserved as a late-summer purchase once I’ve finished up my current lipglosses I’ve been rotating (fenty/elf/bobbi brown).
  • supergoop spf setting mist $16 – $32 I went ahead and bought this travel size bc I plan on being out n about and I would like a misted SPF to reapply and not mess up my makeup etc etc. I’ll let ya know how I feel about it
  • nars the multiple cream $39 if only this came in a dark dark teracotta/red brown/ orange gold it wouldn’t be in this list…. it’d be in my makeup bag
  • FAB bump eraser body scrub $12-$30 ummmm, I don’t need any extra bumps I can avoid if I can avoid them… I’m prone to the shoulder breakout, esp after working out ꐕ wᵣₖₙ ₒₙ ₘy fᵢₜₙₑₛₛₛₛₛ ꐕ so unless I can find a better budget-friendly product, this is always lingering in my sephora cart.
  • urban decay waterproof eyeliner in gold $22 this just feels like something a girl with a pixie cut who needs in her makeup bag… yes/no? welllllllllll, don’t be surprised if you start seeing a little extra glitter in my eyes… after I reevaluate if I need both a brown eyeliner and a gold one… but ya know… one for each eye
  • Patrick start 3d blush trip $36 this is a tough one, it’s a want/need but also… i don’t know if I want/need…. not if I can get my hands on an ideal orange/gold teracotta/redbrown stain/makeup cream idkidkidk I’m clearly going through a red/brown/pinky makeup phase.

I’ll probably post an extended summer makeup picks once I make my mind up on this internal blush debate….  do you have any items on your summer wishlist? do you buy makeup for different szns? does a girl really need two eyeliners?!?!?!?!

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