pink + polka dots | 2020

another edition of maternity fashion messypot style.

While getting ready I was super pumped that this sweater still fit even though I’m eight months pregnant!

I wanted an easy outfit for an evening walking around a museum, so I threw on a cozy sweater with another favoured maternity staple: a bodycon midi skirt. I also got lucky when I found these fun polka dot maternity tights on ASOS a few weeks ago which paired perfectly with this casual look. I’ve always loved funky tights, it’s something I share with my mum (considering I’ve been borrowing her funky tights for years). I consider finding these tights a huge pregnancy style win since I’m a littttttle to big right now to be trying to fit into hers right now.

This night at the museum got me thinking about the next time I plan on going to a museum… I’ll probably have a little one with me and so much will have changed between now and then. I’m getting excited to start share things I love with this new tiny person who is 50% me. I hope they end up sharing a love of museums with me the way I share a love for funky tights with my mum.

I can feel myself getting a little sappy so I’m going to sign off for now. Hoping to squeeze in one more maternity #ootd before this baby arrives. But if not, I hope you’ve enjoyed this very short series of #messypotmaternityfashion.


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  1. Rosanna
    January 12, 2020 / 3:24 pm

    Getting sappy!!!!!! good x

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