Rounding up a couple of favs from the last two months, this fav’s post is special because I’m focusing on non-digital things (for the most part!)


More specifically reading the Au Pair by Emma Rous. It’s a captivating quick read that I could NOT put down once I picked it up. I don’t want to share too much, because I really don’t want to ruin any of it for you, but those two coffees pictured were necessary.

In addition to the Au Pair, I have been reading Estee Lalonde’s book BLOOM. Which, if you like being nosy (like me) you’ll enjoy reading about a Canadian blogger navigating life and style amidst a transatlantic move to the UK.


Don’t roll your eyes at me, I know I’m no health and wellness guru. But I have been on a journey to better myself, I’ve been working on my fitness as Fergie says. But what are you doing Lisa? I’m glad you asked. Yoga has been an on-and-off boyfriend of mine for years, I would start my journey of ~zen~ enthusiastically, keep at it for a week and then suddenly quit. Over and over again, where I would proceed to beat myself up over not doing enough yoga, or not looking perfect while doing a yoga flow. I would get in my head, telling myself that I wasn’t good enough to do yoga because “I wasn’t good at it”. Completely negating the fact that sometimes the biggest hurdle was rolling out the mat, that I didn’t have to be perfect. That the journey to wellness is actually a journey and not an over-night fix.So yeah, I’ve been rolling out my mat a little more frequently, and enjoying the small steps of growth I see from myself while doing it.


I love a tub. Not just restricting my love for tubs- being the bath variety. Tub-love is all inclusive ft. tubs of icecream, pop-corn, butter. I’m unaware of any tub items I dislike at the mo.. Moving on, Baths are a thing I associate with zoning out and relaxing. It’s almost a necessity at this point to have a bath at least twice a month to keep me from having major break-downs as bath time = self-care time. How is this non-digital if I’m always taking pics of my bath? I usually try and capture a pic of my baths to share how pretty and excited I am, but tub time also equals some serious reading time. I can grab my current read and dive deep into my book until the bubbles have departed and the bath water is getting cold. I also prolong any bath routine by making sure I face mask, hair mask, exfoliate and pretty much create the m-o-s-t spa aesthetic possible in my tiny 600sq ft apt. At times recruiting the hubs for a scalp massage.

Aaaaaand, I feel like there’s still room for growth in the list of things I like to do on my offline time, but I would much rather read the list of things you like to do with your time!

Or, if you have any suggestions for me for any offline activities, books or bathbombs please drop a comment blow.


  1. Darah
    March 20, 2019 / 1:03 pm

    I love self care and think we all need a little more time away from all the digital stuff. Love this post

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