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I’ve quickly realized much like my baby, this post needs to be short + sweet.

When I was expecting I was constantly being told what items I would absolutely NEED to survive post-birth. It felt overwhelming how many things suddenly became necessities. I can’t tell you the number of lists I made and re-wrote over and over to make sure I felt fully prepared for motherhood. Eventually, I hit a point where I realized that the list was neverending and you can overnight anything from Amazon. I figured whatever I don’t have I either didn’t NEED – or could always get later. Hopefully if you’ve stumbled across this blog post sharing the same frustrations as I did – and aren’t wanting to over-spend prior to even meeting baby – I hope this post helps you!

      • Pads, Pads, Pads and more pads. Yes, the hospital will probably let you take home a nice amount of jumbo overnight pads (and puppy pads to sit on top of also) but trust me girlfriend, you’re gonna need more. + in different sizes. I purchased tons of XT Heavy flows, regular flows + liners in preparation for lots of bathroom trips. I have kept a box in my toiletry closet that I just grab a few to refill in my bathroom stock as necessary.
      • Peri Bottle / WitchHazel Wipes / Icepacks + Anti Itch Spray. These are all things I was given to take home from the hospital. Yes, you can purchase “New Mum Kits” from brands such as FridaBaby/FridaMom. I found those to be very expensive for my budget and out-of-stock when I last checked. If curious if you can take these home, I recommend asking during your hospital tour pre-labor. Though in my experience the nurses were more than happy to give me extras + you get to take home whatever is in the room with you, so I found myself with two peri bottles and an extra container of wipes and washcloths.
      • Hygiene. I’m going to get reallly real with you. You’re gonna smell – at least I do. Currently. Yes, you’re gonna wanna shower. Yes, you’ll make time to when you can. But in the moments you haven’t -trust me it get’s weird and groundhog day-ish- these are the things you need: deodorant, wipes, dry shampoo, washcloths, chapstick, toothbrush/paste, hair ties/scrunchies, lotion(s). If you can sneak a nice long shower between feedings + diaper changing, great. If not, just take a moment to take care of you. Really, make sure you wash your wobbly bits and take a moment to process that you are a new mother!!! It’s ok to be super exhausted, smelly and maybe even sad! This is a huge life change and your body went through a pregnancy and you just delivered a baby! You are O.K. Everything will be ok, soon you will feel better physically and a long hot shower will be waiting for you whenever you have time.

      • Nipple Cream. Listen, it may feel awkward or embarrassing at first to think you’re gonna need nipple butter/cream/lotion, whatever. If you plan on having any nipple contact, you’re gonna need it. Register for it, register for as much as you want. Your nipples with thankyou, your brain will thankyou, trust me girl – get the nipple cream, let your BFF’s buy it for you. Nobody likes having sad nipples.
      • BreastPump. If you’re planning on feeding on-demand than I wouldn’t deem a breast pump necessary. But, if you do plan on pumping ~ then I would make sure you get one as soon as possible! I currently have two pumps, one that I got for free through my insurance. You can get a free breast pump through Aeroflow Breastpumps!!! I also purchased a BellaBaby BreastPump upon a friend’s recommendation + found myself gravitating towards that pump. My favourite aspect of pumping is being able to have a bottle for my baby during those moment’s at 4am when I feel like I just can’t breastfeed. Also, bonus points for pumping because it gives your hubby/partner/anyone who is helping time to feed and bond with the baby.
      • Cozy Clothes. Don’t pack away your maternity leggings and tops too quickly!! Your post-baby body can still be needing the baggier pants/tops/undies etc. I pretty much live in leggings, tanks and sweaters for easy access to my boobs for feedings and to regulate my temperature (I feel like I am still bouncing around from always being extremely hot to cold). I too love the hideously comfortable hospital underwear… Pro Tip: don’t toss them when you are in the hospital! Just wash them and hang them in your hospital shower + stock up while you’re there!!! 
      • Extras: Planner + Laptop/Book, entertainment.
        I am a huge planner, so having one on hand at the hospital is super helpful. It helps me keep track of all the things I have to do with a newborn + jot down all future appointments + notes from the Dr’s and nurses. I also keep my laptop charged for blogging (hi!!) + because late-night feedings neeeeed a little Hulu to keep me from just being alone in the dark with a hungry baby and my thoughts..
      • Water Bottle!! Last but not least, a water bottle (maybe two, three?). I have a HydraPeak (we don’t have hydroflask $$$) with a straw which makes for easy sipping + was a lifesaver during l+d. I also have in hand a nutribullet cup also that I keep filled, and Harrison and I took home the big pink watercup from the hospital. Staying hydrated is always important, but especially helpful post-labour to help flush your body of toxins + still keep you hydrated as your body purges extra fluids you’re carrying around. If you’re breastfeeding you will be losing more fluid than usual to compensate for all that milk you’re creating so you’re gonna need more than the 8 eight-oz cups a day.

There are still things I’ve probably missed, blame it on the “mom brain” hehe.

Buuuuuuuut hopefully, this helps you feel a little more prepared if you are expecting and aren’t sure what other people have felt like they’ve needed. I went into this kind of ~go with the flow~ (though it killed me a bit as someone who likes to plan ahead) realizing I couldn’t plan for something I had never experienced + is such a personal journey for each new mother. Wishing you the best of luck to all you expecting parents + peace be with you if you’re in newborn land like me and are needing to shower as soon as you’re done reading this post! Let me know if there are any other post’s you would like to see regarding motherhood!! I’ll try my best!!! No promises <3

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