gone are the days of makeup wipes and not washing my face on vacation…


Oh don’t act like you were not disgusting and disregarded your ‘skincare routine’ during your teens and early twenties. I know my audience. I didn’t have an official routine until mid-20’s..

I think the teenagers of today and my daughter’s generation are going to have skincare routines by the time they hit my age [ 27 ] because all of their mums, sisters + aunties will be hyper obsessed with skincare routines. So, let’s jump right into it, what the heck am I bringing with me on these trips to help this skin??!?!?

I have been going to Lucid Skincare for the past few months and Taylor has gotten me together on all my skin products! She is a Louisville-based esthetician if you are looking to find yourself a new gal to get your skin glowing + ready for your summer vacay! 4/6 of the products pictured are from her studio: the skin hydrator, SPF, moisturizer and facewash. You can schedule a 30-minute consultation and shop her recommendations via her direct site The Boots Vitamin C serum is just an impulse purchase + the Fresh Toner is a luxury item I purchased in December as a little Christmas gift to myself in a holiday box that I’m trying to use up before I purchase anything new! Both the Hydrator, SPF are from GlymedPlus and I’m truly obsessssed.

I try to emulate my holiday/vacay skincare to my at-home routine as much as possible so the SPF, Hydrator and Moisturizer are all travel transfers from my main products at home. Since I feel like my skin is just recovering flights + usually more-humid/HOTHOT weather this time of year I try to focus on hydration and sun protection as much as possible. So moisture moisture moisture, nobody wants to be crusty on vacation.  My current moisturizer is the MeauxCo Moisturizer, per Taylor’s reco- not going to lie my biggest at-home skincare investment + my favourite moisturizer of ᴀʟʟʟʟʟʟʟʟʟʟʟ time.

I have officially converted to Stasher bags, I use them for my makeup bag… my skincare travel bag.. I have the target brand for the copious amounts of snacks I feed myself + Aurora and brought onto the plane (another post, another day). What I love about these reusable bags is 1) easy to clean, if there is a product explosion, nothing a wet wipe or rinse won’t take care of, these bags are also top-rack dishwasher safe if needed so, yay! 2) TSA approved, I would cross check TSA guidelines before you buy since Stasher has multiple size options- but this sandwichbag/bowl gave me no issues. 3) Reusable/Good for Earth/ Sustainable blahblahblah you know what’s happening, 4) I like all the colour options they have but the clear one just feels right for my skincare bag so I know what I’m grabbing while in a rush.

I occasionally bring on a few extra things like: miscellar water// makeup rounds// a liquid exfoliant but most of my trips are less than a week so I try to pack light on both skincare + makeup since I don’t plan to be full-glam while on these quick lil vacations. I have been trying to keep my skincare routine at home as consistent as possible, seeing Taylor every 4-6 weeks for acne facials to try and clear up some stubborn hormonal acne/ maskne + hoping I can reach my dreams of ~ French-girl low maintenance beauty routine ~ one day.


Do you have a skincare routine for vacations?
Or are you just praying that the turbulence doesn’t make your makeup wipes explode? hehe, lmk. 

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