MAY MOODS | 2017

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an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc., intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

For me, this spring and summer are full of warm tones, dramatic shadows and a reemergence to shag cuts.

I have always been a big, big fan of floral print; from being a lover of granny florals in 2010-2014 Macklemore era- to now with big bold florals, vivid colours and block colouring.

I am absolutely in love with Balenciaga’s Spring 2017 Ready To Wear collection. I especially love this piece for the enlarged flowers with the rich orange and pinks against the black in the fabric. I love the juxtoposition of such a loud piece being paired with simple beaded jewelery. The entire line is amazing, I just especially love this piece.

The more I play with my shadows, the more I find myself reaching for the Morphe 350 Palette. Bold shadows and monochromatic makeup looks are becoming my go to’s. Very easily translated from high fashion to casual everyday looks. So far, my current favourites eye looksvI’ve seen are orange, yellow and red.








Lastly, I want to acknowledge how amazing and in love I am with this shag cut. How underrated is really is. The “Lob” was fun, can’t hate on the precision of a line moving diagonal forward, and the versatility of creative hairdressers who are really banging out those great haircuts. But!!! We have moved into the era where we are celebrating natural hair and embracing curly hair. People are requesting beach wave perms and reaching for the salt sprays at the salon. The shag is the biggest hair trend I find to be loving again. Tip the hat to Sally Hershberger who created the iconic Meg Ryan shag, since 2015 I feel like the shag is slowly crawling back into runways and editorials, but hasn’t made it into cities like Louisville quite yet. I’m ready for the shag to have its resurrection, but I’m most ready for my hair to be long enough to have one myself.



Thanks for the read, what’s your favourite look this season?


  1. Gretchell Suarez
    November 15, 2017 / 6:21 pm

    Favorite eye shadow palette thanks to you!

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