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It’s hard enough trying to stay cozy + cute throughout the winter months, questioning if you have enough layers…or too many. Now add a bump to a body that is constantly changing, winter fashion starts to feel a little daunting. I rounded up some of my favourite closet staples I am finding myself picking over + over as we enter this chilly szn.

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  • Maternity Jeans: I personally love an over-the-bump jean, I like the bump support and I feel more secure in them vs a flexible waistband jean. I have opted for Target Maternity Jeans in Black + Blue to wear during those colder days.
  • Casual Sneakers: Running a few quick errands, or just need to throw on a pair of shoes for a small outing? I purchased a cheap pair of slip-on shoes that were still fashionable, and wouldn’t be toooooo difficult to put on even on my slowest days. I grabbed these White Asos Sneakers in a wide-fit because honestly, the pregnancy foot growth myth is REAL + you don’t wanna be stuck with shoes that suffocate your toes.
  • Boots: Let’s take a step back, I just said you may want some wide-fit shoes because you may experience a foot-growth during pregnancy. Mine haven’t grown a full shoe size, but as a hairstylist on her feet all day I definitely have experienced some swelling. So let’s be real, I am still holding on to my two favourite boots, and wear them on occasion, for small periods of time. Just be sure you have a spare pair of comfy shoes in your bag/car/general vicinity just to be safe.
  • Cozy Sweater: You don’t need to be pregnant to be mindful of having a great sweater in your closet.. but a good oversized sweater maybe your bff if you are rocking the bump. Not all sweaters are made equal, with the trend of everything being cropped, sometimes that 90’s mid-drift trend makes a grand re-appearance while you’re trying to dress that bump in your pre-pregnancy clothes. Cozy-Oversized-Warm. Trust me, you will thank yourself on your laziest days.

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  • Long Puffer Jacket: Stylish. Cute. Functional.
    I found my puffer jacket at a Goodwill over the summer + it layers well enough that even though it may not fully cover the bump, it isn’t tooo tight that I can’t layer up and throw on a scarf and still be comfortable!
  • Maternity Tights: I have gravitated to many dresses + skirts while being pregnant and adding in maternity tights really does change the game. Instead of trying to squeeze your bump under your pre-preggo tights, mat tights are designed to still hold your body shape and give you a flattering figure. You won’t be dreading the moment that you feel your tights rolling alllllllllllll the way down in the middle of a conversation (yes, speaking from experience).
  • Fluffy Socks: Need I say more?
    Really, just something I’ve always loved, but have reallllly fallen in love with to during pregnancy and dealing with winter chills.
  • Oversized Scarf: It’s no secret I love a good scarf. Oversized? Splendid. Add a fun pattern or soft texture + I’m a happy human. The plus to a great oversized scarf is if you don’t wanna splurge on a new coat to cover your bump, an oversized scarf can help keep you warm and disguise your body a bit if you aren’t wanting to showcase the bod.

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You can also see my mood boards have some quotes scattered through them. I have noticed that with the influx of hormones, the lack of control we have over our pregnancies- it’s easy to feel: overwhelmed, unhappy, uninteresting, and not cute. In a time where your body is doing so much for someone else, you are being bombarded with questions about the baby and not always about yourself… It can be helpful to see reminders that it’s okay to still put myself first whether that’s investing that little extra $ in that super cute sweater I want. Or taking the time out to not go to that social thing that can be emotionally, physically and socially exhausting. Sometimes you need to be told that it’s ok to not be super!excited!every!waking!moment!about!this!baby! because YOU still have to process what that means while juggling all these crazy hormones, dressing this new body and still being a human in the real world who has other responsibilities sans being a human hotel.

Hopefully, you have found this a helpful tool while looking for some things that are realistic for the winter months or a chilly climate. I found myself struggling at the beginning of my pregnancy to find clothes that I liked, and felt comfortable in that didn’t completely compromise my personal style. If you want to follow along my PinBoard of Maternity Staples where I update things I like + am inspired by you can follow along here.

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