MARCH GOALS | 2018 ft. Lucy’s Magazine

In January I shared the relationship goals my boyfriend and I had set together, this month I want to share some of my personal and career goals that I’ve set for myself. I don’t want to overload you with too many things, so I broke it up into three goals per category (you’re welcs).

Career Goals

  1. Build My Salon Book
    I am entering my third year as a hairstylist!!! Which is exciting, and scary, and intimidating. and I’m starting to see my clientele build and my weeks get booked up, but I really want this year to be the year of exponential growth in my books and my time spent in the salon. I mean, I love blogging but mama gotta eat.
  2. Be More Consistent Blogging
    I feel as if I am kind-of consistent, aka when I’m really really slow at the salon I’m letting myself sit down and make more posts, but I know there have been plenty of weekends where I know I have time to blog, and I’m just too lazy to type my thoughts on my keyboard. One of my goals for this blog is to make posts for hairstylists, especially younger and newer hairstylists to find encouragement, share my stories, and my honest thoughts about hair products, or any products really. I would like to become better at posting more consistently whilst still keeping the integrity of my posts, really going for quality over quantity here.
  3. Work On My Portfolio!!!!
    This past year I worked this amazing shoot last minute (truly I didn’t know til only a few hours prior) and something I love about freelancing is the magic of seeing multiple creative people all honing their craft teaming up to create an amazing image. Fast forward to a week ago, the pictures taken from this last minute shoot are now published in Lucy’s Magazine!!!! I am sooo honoured to have been a part of this shoot, and to have witnessed all the magic that happened on set that day. One of my biggest goals in 2018 is to continue to work freelance and collaborate with more creative humans and to expand my portfolio and Louisville Network!! PS. You can check out the webitorial right here!

Personal Goals

  1. Start making healthy lifestyle changes
    If you follow me on Instagram you may have read that I have been cutting out dairy (for skincare purposes) which sucks!!! Until your skin starts to clear up and you start bartering with yourself trying to figure out how badly you want that chocolate bar… What this tiny change has done in my life, besides helping my skin, and exposing how hard it is to avoid dairy, is pushing me to start trying to cook food at home. I am by no means a good cook, but by being more conscious of dairy, and not trying to over-eat carbs, I am slowly becoming more aware and picky of what I choose to eat. Now did I make my boyfriend eat a slice of pizza so I could specifically eat the crust a few days ago, YES!! But it’s all about balance people and what’s a little crust on a Tuesday night when you’re actively trying to pick healthier options, or packing your lunches for work. Ok- I’m rambling, BUT, I’ve just been inspired to try and make better and healthy-ish choices for myself recently and I’m a little excited and I wanted to share!!!!
  2. Find a better work/life/love balance
    I feel like the majority of my time awake is either doing hair, thinking about hair, talking about hair or waiting for someone to come in and let me play with their, you guessed it, hair. That being said, my current schedule is Tues-Sat at the salon, Sundays (hopefully) doing shoots, and Mondays going to hair classes or meetings, you’re probably wondering where do I find the time to see my friends? Or my boyfriend?!! I’m wondering that too. I don’t want my career to become more important than being a good daughter/sister/girlfriend/friend/employee/niece/cousin/hairstylist/blogger. Something I really want to work on is finding that balance that allows me to say yes to the opportunities that come my way without neglecting my duties of a loved one and to my loved ones. So, if you are in the same boat as me, drop a comment below on how the heck you manage it. Hopefully, I can update the blog with a post on my journey balancing all of this.
  3. Finally, have some fun.
    Like hello, did you not read my prior goal!!!! Ya girl is working on a schedule, and sometimes I feel like I get too rigid within this schedule and prevent myself from just chilling out and having fun because I feel like that’s actively neglecting an important task to do. I want to keep exciting things and goals for myself, be it a trip or a weekend at a music festival to look forward to and let myself wholly enjoy that time spent. Luckily I’ve already taken one step towards this goal, and I have purchased my tickets to Forecastle Festival, which is a weekend music festival in Louisville. I didn’t go last year because I was working, but I have the tickets, the time off of work and I’m ready for July and the summer sun to return so I can enjoy live music, time off and hanging with pals as we’re all covered in glitter (sorry Harrison*, it’s happening).

Do you have any goals this year you’re ready to finally start working on? I’m really trying to stay inspired about this new healthier lifestyle, but it’s hard when you love Rally’s as much as I do!!!! Anyway- If you are wanting the links to anyone who worked on the webitorial featured in Lucy’s Magazine, their Instagrams will be linked below. This is the link to the webitorial.

Photographer – Jessica Budnick @jessicabudnickphoto

Model – Alexis Gibson @alexisngibson

Makeup – Amber Shircliff @cliffsagirl

Styling – Fitz Fitzgerald @ritzy_fitzy

Hair – Lisa Arekion ME @messypot

Featured designs by Louisville designer Aryea Kolubah & Co. @aryeakolubah

Wardrobe Provided by Rodeo Drive @shoprodeodrive

This is probably my favourite picture from that shoot! Sorry!! Had to share, take care!

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