Ican’t believe that we are more than halfway through the year!
Here are just two of my favourite things that I did this month! I hope you enjoy the read.


This trip to TX was a big first for my entire family, and a marker for this new chapter our family is entering. My brother is growing up and has officially left the house, and being able to see him graduate filled us all with joy and the reality that he is an adult. Also, Texas is really really really hot.

Moving along, the guy in the photo’s may be a very familiar face to you. He is the main person who I have on my blog,  but I was never the one to take photos of him until this month! I liked the experience of being behind the camera, and realizing there is more to it than just pointing and pushing your finger down. I am glad that I had the chance to do it, but I have so much more respect for photographers, and anyone who has more than one role during a shoot!!!!

I hope you are enjoying 2017 as much as I have been! Watch this space and you’ll see a few new changes happening.

PS- The clothing used in the pictures were provided by B Chic Consignment

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