A few weeks ago the salon was kindly sent some J Beverly Hills fashion colours by our Modern Salon rep in our local area. I thought it would be fun to share my first impressions on the colour and chat about my experience using it!

When we opened the package we first saw this box, which we were obviously excited about because who doesn’t LOVE great packaging? Just seeing how pretty the packaging was AND after talking to our rep the week prior- I was crawling to get into some colour! Inside this box we received a colour brush, a colour bowl and three of the fashion colours, all super cute and from the JBH brand.

The remaining colours were sent along in plastic bag (I assume to prevent a colour catastrophe in case any of the colours exploded during transportaton). Pictured above are all seven colours received.

We had decided to use Katelyn, one of the Stylists that I work with would be the model to try these colours. We had our eyes set on the Steel Sky (third colour from the right), she had her heard set on a Granny Grey colour, and, let’s be honest, Grey is still one of the biggest hair trends happening this year! So we figured why not, it’s an easy direct deposit colour and her hair is porous enough to easily strip the colour out if we didn’t like it..

This is where the hairdressers have fun, or freakout: we applied the colour all over her head.
Colour Selected: Steel Sky                           Application Method: Single Process Colour
We used in total about 35 grams of the colour, and each tube contains 4 ounces of colour. Katelyn’s hair is short and quite fine so we don’t need too much colour to cover all of her hair. Once we opened the tube, we realized two things: One that the colour has a fruity grape-ish smell that brought me back to my childhood, which was chewing LOTS of Bubble Yum. Two that the consistency of the colour really resembles a conditioner, and we were previously told that this colour can be diluted with conditioner to lessen the intensity.

Personally, I feel as if the Steel Sky colour is more on the blue/green than on the grey/blue side of the grey family. I am taking into consideration that her hair wasn’t 100% white when we deposited the colour, and the previous colour deposited on her hair was Muave Quartz from Joico Intensity. Though I do feel like when we swatched some of the colour from the tube, it did still feel more blue than gray on a piece of white paper.

We let the colour sit for 25 minutes, shampoo/rinse/dried and decided- nope, tomorrow we try something else!

The next day, we used Joico Colour Eraser to strip the JBH Steel Sky, and decided to deposit JBH Pink Cloud colour on top. Joico’s Colour Eraser did help strip JBH’s Steel Sky, but we also created a warm band between her new growth and her vivid colour- so keep that in mind when checking out the Pink Cloud pictures.

So, how do I feel about JBH Vivid colours????
I am ready to get my hands in the rest of the colours we have, curious about the yellow and emerald colours to see how they translate from the product pump to the hair. I was mesmerized with the smell of the product and impressed with the packaging it came in. The Steel Sky was the only bummer for me because I feel like it did pull sooooooo blue/green than the blue/gray I was hoping for. Though, the Pink Clouds colour worked out great for us, so may chalk it up to user error, but very very curious to see more reviews on that particular colour in the future.

Anyway, first post on the blog.
Finally happy to have posted something.
Thankyou for reading <3

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