I wanted to start out this post saying that I have been informed that the formulation for Steel Sky in my first JBH Review & post was the wrong formulation. That the formulation in the packaged ‘Steel Sky’ was meant to be for a blue colour that would have been released in the next round of vivids from JBH.

That being said, it makes complete sense now why the colour turned the way it did. It also made me feel better about trying another colour from the line, as it had been sitting on the shelf since my first review. Especially when I knew there was an Emerald shade calling my name!

Personally green is one of my favourite colours. I absolutely LOVE green and blue pieces in hair, and was super stoked to try this colour.

Upon opening the tube I was pleased to see that the scent and consistency of the colour was exactly the same as the two previous shades I had used within the same line. No hesitation I started the colouring process.

Colour Selected: Emerald                                         Application Method: Midshaft to Ends
I ended up using the entire 4oz tube of colour to cover her hair, let it process for about 35 minutes and washed her out with Davines Minu shampoo & conditioner.

Verdict? I love it.
I love it, I love it, I am jealous it is not on my hair. The colour turned out beautiful, vibrant and true to swatch. It even stained some of the virgin hair, which still completely worked for the look. What I love the most is how the green isn’t muddy, nor does it look too blueish or yellow- but a true emerald green.

I was very nervous using the colour, only because of my first experience with Steel Sky I really wasn’t sure what to expect. In addition, the girl who’s hair I was doing is my little sister- so there was a little pressure there. What I can also say, is that this post is being made two weeks later and the longevity of the colour is very impressive. It is lasting through sun exposure, pool time and really not fading out as much as I would have expected it to!!

Being this pleased with the colour, I am very excited to continue to play with the rest of the JBH Fashion Colours, and curious to use Steel Sky once it is re-released in the next few months!!

Hope you enjoyed the read & found it a little helpful.


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