IT’S A WRAP | 2020

After having a baby I was not one of those women who “bounced back” to my pre-baby weight. I struggled to feel confident in clothes, I’ve struggled to feel comfortable in my body. I made a masssssive asos order to try and find things that made me feel comfortable and would fit this new body size. As I tried on different clothes, different sizes that we’re out of my ‘comfort zone’/’pre-baby weight’ I kept thinking “no, no…..nope, no”.

I started to feel defeated until I put on this skirt. It’s nothing crazy, I mean it’s a wrap skirt. The way it twisted around, made me appreciate my curves and the movement of my body.

So much of fashion is still based on unrealistic expectations for women: tall, slender, curvy, but not too curvy – that – as soon as you do not fit those expectations (which is most of us) then there is a struggle between finding what fits, and what’s fashionable. I realize that I appreciate this skirt because it moves and allows my body to move + still looks good.

There is a lot of focus on women to ‘bounce back’ after having a baby – without acknowledging that it’s not only their lifestyle that changes once baby is outside the body. We need to be more kind to women with these unrealistic expectations of what we should be and look like (with and without babies). Hopefully then we can be more kind to ourselves with our personal expectations. So I’m not saying that this skirt is magical or anything, but I am so proud to tell you ~ once you’ve acknowledged how cute I look in this photo ~ that it’s a wrap!


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Photos were taken by Lianet Ramirez who you can find here. ♡


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