So, is eyeliner actually dead, or is it going to make a comeback?? I spent the summer sans eyeliner, which meant that I wasn’t wasting 5+ minutes everyday trying to perfect whatever bird wing or geometric shape was currently ‘in’ only to sweat it off just a moment later. Thus, my question for this winter is – is eyeliner in or out?

The weather is finally dropping under 50° so I’ve been picking up my makeup palettes and playing with colour –    (A L L the colours), especially my UD Electric Palette and my Morphe 350 Palette (second mentioning here on the blog<3).  Naturally my hand gravitates towards Benefit’s Push-Up Liner to perfect my winter eye trend which I dub: bright N’ unblended (aka I’m LAZY).

I am inspired by many early 2000 celebs who boldly wore bold eyes and glossy lips, mostly because the look has been resurfacing as a ‘monotone eyeshadow’ look which I love. However, I’m mostly only seeing Instagram-worthy eyes –  which, come on, I am a hairdresser…I don’t have time to blend in 3 different shades of beigey plum while getting ready, so I’m going to grab the brightest pink and rub it all over my eye. BuzzFeed dropped a post earlier this year called Beauty Trends from 2007 That Should Never Make A Comeback (long annoying title, already know I hate it), and #3 on the list was ‘bright-ass eyeshadow’ but hello! Have we learned nothing from fashion? It always comes back, and we are currently in the middle of the style reboot! Have you not purchased a choker within the past eight months, or even noticed the trend of womens/menswear? Scrunchies???


90’s trends are in their high tide of making a comeback, though, I don’t plan on an exact replication of Avril’s eye look, I do think tangerine eyeshadow is a go (aka I’m gonna do it).

This begs the question of whether I let these bold hues fend for themselves or pair my tangerine eyeshadow with eyeliner? Or, as I asked previously, is eyeliner really dead?

I’m gonna to go with no.  Maybe it’s taking a brief hiatus, maybe just a little less Nike Swoosh precision (never perfected anyway)? Or maybe eyeliner was just dead for the spring/summer of 2017, who knows?

I’m going to hold onto my eyeliner, until of course I’ve dropped my black eyeliner and it’s rolled under the fridge (has happened) and I pick up my green eyeliner and make a post on how forest theme eyes are the new Avril Tangerine. Until then I’m going to keep wearing my eyeliner (but cutting it down to weekends/events) because it makes me feel like a boss bunny* when I’m wearing it.


*bunny in replacement for another word, I do wanna keep this a family friendly blog folks.

Let me know how you feel about eyeliner!
Is it dead to you, or, is it a staple in your makeup collection?


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  1. Darah
    November 29, 2017 / 5:42 pm

    Love the content of this post because I’ve been feeling the exact same way. I love eyeliner but find myself wearing and seeing it less and less. I can’t wait to find out the verdict of whether eyeliner is truly dead or not

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