eighteen dolla clogs | 2022

I really love clogs

so when my lottafromstockholm clogs started to feel a little tooooo snug on my feet after having a baby, a tear was shed… this was not the first shoe i would be saying farewell to – but they were a fav and they were a classic black clog which is something I loved as a default cute/casual shoe. my lotta’s were perfect for errands/work/dates/casual. you name it, so since i finally accepted my fate of needing to get new shoes & I’ve been stubborn / annoyed since not any clog fits the requirements to replace my old clogs && i didn’t want to pay for a full price for a new pair of lottas &&& let’s be honest clogs can be    e x p e n s i  v e.
I’m on a budget… fancy clogs, do not fit my budget. 

so when I found these R2 brown clogs at Burkes for $18 i had to try them. they were comfortable at the store and for eighteen dollars..i had to try them (regular price marked as $49!!!). i sized up from my typical 7.5-8 to a solid 9- allotting room for thick socks/tights & insoles because I planned for these to be my new ‘work’ shoe & I like funky socks with my clogs.

a mini review!! i worked all day: 12-8 pm at the salon in them- almost zero discomfort- and this is before i’ve gotten insoles because I’m impatient and wanted to test them out:  a successful clog purchase!

if you are a clog lover & wearer do you subscribe to a made-up hierarchy of certain clogs / clog heels heights for certain occasions? is it just me?

small clog heel = casual every day and low key grandma

big clog heel = sexy spicy still grandma

now I’m on the hunt for some really solid insoles for all of my shoes bc if I can work all day in some $18 clogs and be comfortable i truly believe it would be life-changing to get some great insoles to wear in them – lil mama don’t need anymore back pain, being 5ft even and doing hair for 8/9 years is enough— 

….after some minor reflection after typing that last sentence i realize and *wish* I could be a spicy sassy 27 yr old baddie but I’m more like a retired gma who doesn’t want you to bother her lawn flamingos 🦩 aaaand that’s cool. I’m cool w it. 

some clogs that I’m currently obsessed with

ya know what!
I am a spicy sassy 27 year old baddie..
with a love for clogs & has an alter-ego of a 55+ woman in south Florida.

ps. the socks are from SockCandy!  adorable, right?

hope you’re enjoying the messypot blog return,
it’s getting weird.


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