eight months pregnant

Photographer: Yaz M Torres | Makeup: Izzy Nolan
Stylist: Danielle Logan | Model/Hair: Lisa Arekion

helllo month eight, you bring lots of feelings: excitement, fear, confusion, happiness, frustration, hunger. not a feeling but i’m always hungry. it’s the last month that it’s just harrison, myself and the cats. now we will have a tiny human to take care of, that brings up even more feelings. this last month or so, i’m going to do everything. annoy harrison a ton, spend as much time as i can with my friends. work on some final last-minute baby projects around the house. document these last few weeks as much as i can. maybe finally settle on baby names. annoy harrison some more i mean…. we have a name if it’s a girl. but if it’s a boy, there’s still a chance his name may be buzz…or woody. and not because we like toy story. i actually hate toy story. did i mention that i’m hungry???? today i came home and harrison made me dinner. and then he left to go get me taco bell because i have become a bottemless pit that cries if i’m not 50% full. anything less and it’s full on tears. or i become like that angry island on moana. it’s not good. so back to feelings, we are feeling all of them. excited to meet tiny human – fearful of allllllll the unknowns – confused in how harrison and i are allowed to have sole responsibility in keeping this human alive. ready to experience this happiness that everyone has told me about becoming a mum. frustrated because it’s seriously annoying how hungry i am. i’m ready to meet you tiny human. hurry up please.

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