Now, I’m not a professional artist, by any means. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel like I was channeling a little Picasso starry night vibes while making this.

Something I have been craving to do is take an art class. I had the opportunity at M.A.D.S Gallery to take a resin art class with local artist Cristina Taddonio. I have never been to an official art class, so this experience was awesome because it’s such a small, intimate setting you don’t feel pressured to ‘follow the rules’. The inspiration for the colours was waves, but after learning some of the techniques to use and move the resin we were able to come up with our own design.

The class only took about an hour and a half, beer and wine provided- good chatter and music while you make your pieces.

Cristina’s story is great, she was raised in Italy and moved to the states when she was fifteen. She is not only an amazing artist, but a singer also. I would definitely take a class taught by her if you are in the Louisville area! You can also always check out her artwork at M.A.D.S Gallery, free admission and some more talented artists living in Louisville!

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