Hi! I’m Lisa Arekion and welcome to my blog.

What is MESSYPOT? MESSYPOT is the name of what I hope to be my magazine, website, hair salon and brand which is a safe place for women and men to enjoy art, fashion, lifestyle tips and beauty. Let’s not forget hair, where my journey began. I started off as a student in hair school, afraid to cut someone’s hair and now working on progressing my skills behind the chair creating shapes and balance within the hair customized to every client. While managing to find time to work freelance and get published in magazines working on collaborations with other creatives. 

Are you MESSY? Yes, surely you don’t think a person walking around telling you her name is “messypot” is captain organized. My name came from my mum who called me out on being a Messypot as I was leaving one mess, ultimately to create another one.


Hopefully you enjoy hanging out with me, and following along with my life and thoughts!

s u b s c r i b e

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