Winter sucks, but your hair doesn’t have to. Here are some easy tips you can use during the colder months to help your hair survive the chilly temperatures.

  1. Wash your hair LESS
    I know for a fact that washing my hair is probably one of my least favourite things. Especially in the winter, I just feel like a damp rat for the entirety of my hair’s air drying process. I understand some of you work out daily or are just used to washing your hair everyday – totally get it but I would love to introduce you to dry shampoo. It will save your life, and you will be cutting your shampoo purchases down majorly. Most importantly, a great reason to not over-wash your hair, especially in the winter, is that if you aren’t using quality hair products that are formulated to moisturize your hair you probably don’t know what you are putting in your hair. Many store-bought products either have too much water, alcohol or silicones which are not helping your hair. If you end up skipping a shampoo today and you are one of the last few who haven’t tried dry shampoo.. there is always another alternative… <see next point>
  2. Wear a hat.
    Wearing a hat is one of the best things about winter and, as mentioned in the first point, is a great solution to a bad hair day due to oily roots. In addition, there are so many cute styles of hats and you can really protect your hair from any harsh weather by wearing one. When it’s really cold outside a scarf and hat duo will keep your locks hidden from your friends, and you will look chic in transit. Something many people fight during the winter is feeling dry. Dry hair, dry skin, dry air.. Wearing a hat helps keep the moisture in your hair, rather than letting it stay exposed to the elements and your hair taking a beating from whatever your winter weather may bring; snow, wind, ice, and cold air that carries less moisture than summer air.
  3. Deep Conditioning Masks
    Uh hello, you know your hair is dry or getting dry. We are leaving the year that coveted coconut oil AND reminding each other to stay hydrated. So if we are really considering what’s going in our bodies and going on our skin, consider what a deep conditioning mask will do for your hair during the winter. The best part about deep conditioning masks is that you can always find time to use one. Snow day? Pop in a deep conditioning mask as you lounge around the house!! Running errands? Throw your hair up in a pony, and run a deep conditioning treatment through your ends. Twist the hair into a bun and pop on a scarf and no-one will know you’ve got one in your hair. My personal favourite is to put on a deep conditioning treatment after work. I will let it sit in my hair overnight and make sure my hair was fully saturated with the product before rinsing it out in the morning.

The best part about all of these tips, is that they can all be combined. Feeling lazy? Don’t wanna wash your hair? DONT! Pop a deep conditioning treatment in your hair and throw on a hat and a scarf, boom, your hair will thank you. Trust me.

I popped in some of the products I recommend and have personally used, and some items I would wear during the winter months!

Have a great one!

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