hey friends

You can find out quite a lot of information about a person from the contents of their purse. I realise looking at these pics I should rename this post as: How many lip products does messypot own.

oh hey hey, I know it’s june but the may was just too colourful to not capture
  • Planner. I always carry a planner + pen. I cannot rely on my iphone calendar to make plans + I find it v satisfying to be able to make plans and cross them off.
  • Earrings. I always have an extra pair of earrings in my purse. 1) Because earrings are my favourite accessory + I feel naked without earrings on. 2) sometimes when I’m in a rush and forget to put on earrings, I can find a pair or two in my purse.
  • Book. I always have a book in my purse. I find myself reading more when I am carrying a book in my purse with me, rather than leaving it at home all the time. Simple answer, nothing exciting. Current Read: Travels with Epicurus.
I don’t know what I think I’m doing with so many lip products on the daily,
but I like options + refreshing my lip colour.
more lipsticks, and a lil peek of my favourite hand lotion
  • Bracelet. I love gold accessories. If I’m really feeling an item I’ll throw it into my purse because it’s easier for me to find it in my purse + that way I can hide it from my cat who thinks all my accessories are his toys.
  • Makeup Bag: I think this deserves its own list.
  1. Mini Deodorant: it’s a necessity.
  2. Glossier Boy Brow
  3. Carmex nobody wants dry lips
  4. Oi Hand Balm my favourite lotion that smells like one of my favourite Davines products that we sell at the salon I work at.
  5. Mascara I’m no beautyhero, many days you can catch me in my car applying mascara before.
  6. Lippies I confess, I am a lip product junkie & you can find at minimum 8 lip products in my lil makeup bag at all times. Current Favourites: Fenty Lipglosses, Mac Whirl, Mac Frost + Fenty Lipstick + Sephora brown lip liner.
  7. Hair Clip I’m a hairstylist, you can guarantee I almost always have AT LEAST one hair accessory/item either on me, or on my purse at alllll times.
  8. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick + Brush I love a bronze moment + I feel like if I am going somewhere after work all I need to do is throw on a lil more highlight and refresh my lipstick and I’m good to go!

These are the most frequent flyers in my purse. Though the purse may change, these contents stay the same. Not photographed: car keys + wallet since they were in my purse. Occasional passengers also not photographed: snacks, chargers + laptop.

I have switched my purse out twice this week already, to try and accommodate for meetings + work needs, but I just checked and it’s literally all the same things.

So I’m nosy, what’s in your purse?

Let me know! xx messypot

All photos were taking by iigriega