what happened in vegas | 2019

A couple weeks ago we went to Vegas to have our perfect dreamy Elvis Wedding.

We stayed at the Flamingo hotel, went to a pool party, won and lost $45. I saw Deadmeau5 with my bff. Took full advantage of the open bar on the High Roller, witnessed another Elvis wedding on the High Roller, had our photos taken by the dreamy Sunnie Hears and ate at Wicked Spoon which induced us into a full-blown food coma. Visited the Neon Museum and now I want to start collecting neon signs!!!

We were surrounded by some of our closest friends and family and Harrison and I got re-married by Elvis at the Little Neon Chapel.

Vegas is usually associated with bad decisions, crazy nights and wild situations and yes- some of those things did happen. We also got to have a beautiful, dorky, intimate, weird ceremony that perfectly fit our personalities as a couple and share them with the ones we love the most.

So what happened in Vegas?

Some things are a lil foggy, but a great time with great people and a lotta neon lights.