I don’t really have a big makeup routine that I do every day,
my biggest choices are: lipgloss or lipstick?

Sometimes I wear lots of eyeshadow, sometimes I use whatever I put on my cheeks and rub it on my eyelids. I don’t want to fuss around with my makeup during the hot summer months when I know that I’ll mostly sweat it off.

Summer usually means I ditch the eyeliner and the full-coverage foundations, I flip-flop between a few highlighters, and switch it up between bronzer and blush. I have found a few new things I have been loving, that have proven long wear that doesn’t get too beady if I sweat a little, lasts a day at the salon and an episode of The Handmaids Tale.

What are these summer-approved items?

  1. Mac Lipstick, Whirl.
    Provides a no-shine matte finish. I may reapply between clients at but it is the perfect natural nude that doesn’t clash with my eyeshadow.
  2. Butter London, Brown Sugar.
    I love this glittery-bronzy colour that seems to look great on every skin tone I’ve seen it on. It isn’t too bright or obnoxious, or feel too muted for whatever summer -vibez- I’m going for.
  3. Tartlette Eyeshadow Palette, Flirt.
    Don’t judge me for not having the perfect untouched palette to take pictures of. Clearly I’ve been loving on this perfectly curated eyeshadow family, or maybe I’m just loving all the warm tones this szn. Either way, this is the perfect travel palette for any of your summer excursions.
  4. Fenty Beauty, Luminizer Lipglosses.
    If you don’t own one of these, you are missing out. They give my lips the perfect glossy glow and they can be layered on top of lipsticks or by themselves.
  5. Sephora Collection, Bright Future Concealer.
    Summer doesn’t stop the pimples from coming. Unlike my last concealer, I can quickly apply and rub in the product when I’m on the go and not worry about product overload congregating under my eyes.

I love that these products are easy to apply & all warm tones. If they aren’t sparkly, they pair with another product that does have a little glitter. My morning makeup can be done in less than 10 minutes, and I haven’t gotten bored of it yet!

What are your summer essentials? Do you switch your routine between the seasons? Let me know!