Major major major comfort is necessary when trying to survive a Kentucky Summer. If it is going to be hot, humid and sticky outside, I might as well be wearing something comfortable and cool, right?

This isn’t anything new, I haven’t found the newest trend that is going to explode all over Instagram in the next few months. I’m just chatting about jumpsuits as my dog is curled up next to me and I wait for my Amazon purchases to be delivered.

I forgot how great jumpsuits were until I met Bree a couple months ago, she’s a model and lifestyle blogger who I met while working a photoshoot. She came in wearing the coziest and coolest jumpsuit, and I had to get one myself. I was shocked when she told me it was an Amazon purchase, maybe I’m just completely stupid, but I didn’t realize you could buy clothes on Amazon and I certainly wasn’t expecting such good quality clothing! So now I have three Amazon jumpsuits and two more on the way. Kinda mad I’ve only now found my dream jumpies (we’re calling them jumpies now) but don’t be surprised when that’s all I wear from now on.

I went ahead and added some link to some jumpsuits I have next in the shopping cart. Not going to lie, I already own one that looks just like the first one…and the fourth one.

Let me know what your go-to summer style or clothing item is, are you going to the jumpie trend with me oooooor, do you think I should stop calling them jumpies.

Let me know in the comments below, stay cool.