It is no secret I am a lover of alllllllll accessories! 

Earrings, scarves, necklaces, sunnies and purses are just a few things you can find me obsessing over whenever I am not working on a client at the salon. 

When Mato Naturals popped up on my Instagram Feed I knew I would be obsesssed with their products! Their boho-chic aesthetic is created by handmade pieces from Nepal. Mato Natural is a sustainable lifestyle brand founded with the main goal to make available Eco- friendly products at very affordable prices.  With their mission to create this lifestyle, their products are made out of sustainable, organic and natural raw materials.

I had the chance to meet the owner Dipesh to talk about their products and create this post to share with you some of the accessories you can add to your wardrobe and rock this fall!

So what did we come up with?

Basics! Every simple outfit– mine being an amazon maxi dress, can be spiced up with some basic accessories that can be worn over and over again. Each piece is fabulous individually but paired together they complete the perfect fall look. The items showcased here are the tassel earrings in Magenta, this beautiful Handwoven Bamboo scarf in Mustard and this Handmade Clutch in alllllllllll the fall colours.

Mato Naturals carries an assortment of styles so you can find something for everyone- and for almost any occasion! 

The best part about all of this for you, is if you go there and say code MESSYPOT you can get 20% off your purchase! 

So what are you waiting for? Mato Naturals is right outside of JCPenny’s at St Matts Mall — that perfect pair of earring for your fall ootd could be waiting for you there!!!

Til then let me know what your current fav fall accessory is!!!!

I’d like to thank Erika Doll Photographer for these photo’s and for always making me look fabulous! If you are needing a photographer this season do not hesitate to reach out to her!!!!