It has come to my attention that I am not getting any younger, and if I want to be able to enjoy my body and live a long and active life, maaaaaybe I should start taking some care of it. What a phenomenon. I don’t know what hit me; between the constant advertisements for healthy living/weight loss, social media and constantly being shown fitspiration sponsored videos, or just the fact all my friends are hitting the gym and I’m hitting the end of another tub of ice cream, it dawned on me that I’m not as healthy as I thought. That I need to make some serious changes, and that if I wanted to change NOW is the time to do so, I mean why not?? We are pretty much surrounded by someone or something promoting a “healthy lifestyle” whatever that may mean. Why not start living my healthy lifestyle, instead of rolling my eyes at someone else’s?

I wasn’t really concerned when I found my wedding dress (spoiler: I’ve got it!!! and be prepared for another post from #themessyknot) or when Harrison and I booked our honeymoon. It was when we were talking about how cool it will be to tell our future kid(s??!!) what adventure we decided to embark on at the beginning of this life journey together. Suddenly this big wave of Oh God I can’t even keep up with myself on a hot day, how could I keep up with a tiny ball of energy at some point started to weigh heavily on my already tired shoulders. I had to come to terms with a few things,  or, most significantly, that I’m not really as healthy as I think I am…Which I think is a common thought we all have. We don’t really worry about our health until it’s too late, or we will look at someone who is suffering from their health and we think “well, I’m not as unhealthy as them” and we go on with our lives. I need to make some changes, now. Not for this possible child some years (many, many years) down the road, but for myself now. Because if I can better myself to be my best self and enjoy each moment a little bit more and be a little sexier and a lot more confident during my wedding and honeymoon, why the heck have I waited this long to start?

I’m   l a z y

So I figure I have to start with a small checklist on things even I, Lazy Lisa, can do, if not daily but hopefully more frequently than once a month!!! With a goal in mind to start applying these items into my life ASAP. So, what are these lifestyle changes?

  • drink more water. I know everyone says it, but I could work a whole day at the salon and forget to drink one cup of water especially, if I’m running around all day
  • get more sleep. I say that as I type this post around 2 am. but not getting enough sleep can affect so much, from grumpiness, to weight and emotional state.
  • get more active. trying to up the heart rate a little more frequently, whether it’s daily yoga, or a youtube cardio training video, or going on walks with my doggo.

Now, how do I plan on making sure I can accomplish these little tasks while working at least 40 hours a week behind the chair, trying to be a good fiance/sister/daughter/friend/employee and stay sane? That I’ll let you know later.

I’m going to track a day or maybe a week where I log my daily activities and thoughts.

So wish me luck, and feel free to share what lifestyle changes you’ve gone through recently!
I’ll be sitting here on my yoga mat ready to read your comments!