Let’s talk Jewelry.

We use it to spice up an outfit, draw attention to some of our best features, and to express ourselves. I am one who loves big hoops, mismatched earrings and when warranted, rocking a delicious arm party of bangles and bracelets. I am proud to say I have successfully cultivated a beautiful mountain of body decorations over the past few years.

On my search for more unique and interesting pieces, one specific store sprung to mind: Life of A Funky Girl. An Asheville based artist, who has broadened her creative spectrum from prints to jewelry, I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to ask her about her addition of earrings, necklaces and rings in her expanding inventory of art.

My recent endeavours in jewelry have been motivated for a need to create smaller, wearable, more affordable forms of art. I approach my jewelry just how I approach all of my other forms of art. Often I recreate symbols I use in my art in smaller form. Other times I approach the ceramic clay as if I were painting, concentrating on the process and colors rather than an end result. I like for my jewelry to be colorful and fun because that is what I am attracted to.

What I love most about Life of a Funky Girl‘s pieces is that you are WEARING ART that is hand made with love, and can be customized to your style when commissioned by her. I personally am the most in love with my drop demon head purple earrings. I feel as if they go with an all-black outfit for work, or even hanging out with my gal pals grabbing some food and a drink.

Now I know you’re probably reading all this and thinking “Lisa, I am glad you’re in love, but I wanna know about this giveaway”. I am excited to tell you that I have partnered up with Life of A Funky Girl to gift one lucky person one painting and a pair of earrings from her!

Interested in Entering the Giveaway? It’s easy! You can officially enter through my Instagram @messypot.

The Rules: Follow both @messypot + @lifeofafunkygirl Like the post on my page featuring the giveaway Comment + tag 3 pals who would also love a chance to win BONUS ENTRY you can comment on this post, tell me what your fav accessory is!

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