Let’s be honest, I’ve been a bit of a slack·er (noun).
                                                                 a person who avoids work or effort

I am either on a weekly post schedule, or all organization goes out the window. There is no in-between, and there is no way around it. So when I slowed down mid-August it felt like there was no turning back, and I decided to take that step back and enjoy the last few weeks of summer.

What Did I Do This Summer?

1) I worked at the salon because hair doesn’t stop growing when the pools are open. I have shared bits and pieces of my job as a hairstylist, and I have plans to start creating more posts centered around it. If you’re interested in checking out some of my work you can check out my portfolio here or my daily hair posts on my Instagram here.

2) I started going to barre classes!!

Ok, I don’t know why I started off with working. Pshhh, who cares about that? I started going to barre classes because after creating my Lazy Lifestyle Changes post I  K N E W that I had to do something. The best part of being a blogger is that once it’s out there, you have something to hold you accountable. I want to reserve all my barre excitement for its own separate post (let me know if you’re into that). I am just going to go ahead and say, I went to my TENTH barre class the other day and became a member of my local barre3 studio. I’ve officially become a barre babe 

3) Harrison & I have been going on mini adventures.. 

I attached pics from some of my fav memories we’ve had together this summer. We both work very busy schedules, so big trips aren’t really in the cards for us at the mo’ but we try to do little things whenever we can. For example, we drove to cinci for the day just to go to a museum. Which kind of just sums us up, always working, and when we don’t feel lazy we will go out of our way with little to no notice and go on a adventure to go see a sight or grab an ice cream at a location we really like.