DARK & FLORAL | 2018

99% of my clothing is worn both in and out of work. As a hairstylist, I am prone to wearing a lot of black. I find myself getting lost when looking for a top in a sea of black clothing, which always makes for a fun day when you’re running late for work and you just wanna wear that ONE black top.

This is one of those outfits I wore to work. I’ve been slowly trying to add prints, texture and colour back into my closet both in and out of the salon, though I still wear some black to work so I feel professional and feel comfortable. On this day, I paired a plain black bodysuit with these skinny blue jeans that had floral embroidery print that I purchased this spring at TJMAXX (I pretty much live there). I threw on my now infamous Target sandals that I seem to always wear in photos – I mean why not??? They’re fabulous. I then threw on this black kimono that was given to me for my birthday, and if you look close enough you may be able to see where I spilt bleach on it.

They don’t call me Messypot because I’m so well organized and careful.
I attached a few links so you can get yaself some strappy sandals if this post has converted you to a strappie* lover.

Let me know what your casual work outfits consist of!!!! 
..and let’s ALSO make strappie’s a thing (like we’re doing with jumpies)

*PS I checked, Urban Dictionary doesn’t have any definitions for strappie, so we have a solid in to make this term happen.