I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway, and congrats to Shelby Miller for winning!


I think it is really magical when someone can turn their hobby into a career, I also think bath bombs are a magical thing that the fairies allowed us to learn to create.

I recently connected with Lavandula Lane which is a Canadian Based company started by a 19 y/o who started out by making bath bombs for friends and family, but as her requests grew her hobby turned into a business where she now distributes her products throughout North America. While talking to Taylor a line I read that really stood out to me; “Our line of bath bombs is made with simple and natural ingredients.  We pride ourselves in providing a product that is chemical free and most importantly NOT tested on animals.  We use a blend of Essential and Fragrance Oils, and all of our colours are of natural origins”.

Taylor was kind enough to send me some bath bombs to try. Naturally, the moment they arrived I hopped into the bath ready for the fizz, bubble and colour and I wasn’t disappointed.

I started off by trying ‘Fairy Dust‘, from the moment I removed it from the packaging the bits and pieces that fell off of the bath bomb were creating vibrant colours in the tub. Freaking out, ready to drop the entire bath bomb in, I have to stop myself because I LOVE taking baths. I try to ration out my bath bombs for as long as I can. So I cut the bomb in half,  drop it into the tub and was amazed to see the vibrant pinks, blues and yellow flow through the water.

This is where I get to the good part, after hanging out in there long enough to turn into a human prune I decided to look up how much this bath bomb is.

You’d never guess this bath bomb is: $2.41. two dollars and forty-one cents. two.forty-one. $2.41.

I have paid $5+ for products that are smaller in size, lacking colour vibrancy, AND weaker in scent. Meanwhile, I just took a $1.20 bath with the half of the bath bomb and I feel like I’m having a luxury bathtime experience. I’m sure you’ve had the experience when you’ve purchased a bath bomb or bubble bar and have been disappointed with the lack of bubbles, or colours, or fizz that the product makes. So then you’re just sitting there, naked, unhappy and mad that you’ve paid $8 for a bath bomb that now makes you feel body shamed and beauty broke.

So, if you’re wondering. Should I try one of these bath bombs??? Yes. If you need extra incentive you could use my code: MESSYPOT18 and get 15% off your purchase.

If you’re still on the fence, and you would rather try and win a free bath bomb, drop a comment telling me what your favourite bath bomb is and why.

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This giveaway is US only, and it will be closed June 17th.


I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway, and congrats to Shelby Miller for winning!