I have been very inspired recently after working with Katie ft. the Moody Magic post. I decided to start sharing things that are inspiring me + influencing my work and that part of my brain that fan girls over art and people.

Kali Uchis in general is inspo + goals, I stumbled upon her initially through her song Loner. Upon further investigation I realized I love her, her music, the styling and creativity that goes into her videos + any songs recommended to me after I listen to her music. 

The entire Zara Co-ords Collection, prints, pants and pops of colour here and there. Yes pls + ty.

Watching Milwaukee photographer Rodney Johnson: MassiveBear,  pop up on my Instagram feed. Combining art, photography and illustration with all the moody-art-hoe vibes. 

Then there’s the October Inspiration board I’ve made on Pinterest. 

An easy mood board forum for someone who needs inspiration but finds it difficult to verbally explain full visions for shoots, ideas or fashion looks I want to create.

Where do you draw inspiration from? And what has been inspiring YOU recently.