Saturdays are my busiest days at the salon, and after a long day behind the chair going to one of my fav coffee spots is the best cure for post-dye-sleepiness.

On this select Saturday, I got to catch up with photographer Yaz Torres and take some pics while sipping on some coffee. Hanging out with Yaz is like hanging out with a modern-day Carrie BradshawxFrida Kahlo, a photographer who integrates culture and creativity in her work. 

Over an iced coffee (w/ hazelnut + soy) and a espresso shot (not me i’m not that brave). We chatted about future collaborations, fashion, personal style and a little bit of our mutual love for Frida.

Something I aimed for this year was to find my creative tribe, the individuals whose creative work sparks interest within me. Creating magical collaborations of beauty and art to be captured in still moments.

Luckily meeting Yaz was one of those moments, and I would love for you to check her out and give her a call if you are looking for a photographer that will make you look amazing while you oogle her amazing outfits.

I dropped some links to items similar to mine in this #ootd, I’m almost 100% that is the exact same jacket I am wearing. If you are interested in the earrings, please head on over to Life Of A Funky Girl and watch this space for a funxfunky collab of her items.