If you know me at all, then it’s no surprise what this season (and every cold season’s) favourite is: scarves

I would like to thank my mum for my scarf obsession, she is the ultimate cosy human. From scarves, slippers and dressing gowns while owning four too many blankets- we are the people who won’t leave the house sans scarf when the weather starts to drop.

That being said, 23 years on this earth accumulates enough scarves to fill an entire drawer, and many hanging up in a separate closet. And while knowing this, I still can’t stop myself from buying more!

In order to try and cut my shopping this week, I decided to make my favourites post on all the scarves I am holding myself back from buying (for now).   

For the most part you can see my picks are all pinky/neutral tones that are oversized, a little chunky and questionably fluffy- until you see the black puffer scarf. I don’t understand my love for puffer jackets, or why I feel the need to purchase a black puffer scarf when I own a slime yellow puffer jacket already. 

It is probably one of the few items I will put on my Christmas list this year that I expect everyone will hate me for loving but love me for wearing (?). 

You let me know how you feel about my all time fav, or if you are coveting any scarves I have listed and saved in my post! 

ps If you are in need of some serious scarf x fall fashion inspo, you should check out Zara’s scarf tab and it will make your dreams come true.